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In my twenty years with the California Coastal Commission, of all the people I've met, Robin Rudisill was one of the most compassionate, hard-working, intelligent and committed citizens working to change society for the better. She traveled to Commission meetings up and down the coast, making the case on behalf of coastal communities like Venice, and for those most in need. She knew more about the Coastal Commission’s process, and local permitting, than most in the room. She was smart and articulate, and passionate. I never doubted her resolve to accomplish what she thought was right, and I have no doubt now that my friend Robin would serve the community with integrity, and be a strong champion for the people.

--- Charles Lester, Former Executive Director, California Coastal Commission

Endorsement: Elect Rudisill in L.A. City Council District 11

--- Los Angeles Daily News Editorial Board

Endorsement:  Robin Rudisill for Council District 11

"Incumbent Mike Bonin has not lived up to predecessor Bill Rosendahl’s commitment to communities in this coastal district. Rudisill has the most potential to bring needed change."

--- The Daily Breeze Editorial Board

“Robin Rudisill, a former member of the Venice Neighborhood Council and a coastal protection advocate, is energetic and capable…”

--- The Los Angeles Times

 "Robin Rudisill is a Local Hero!"

--- Empower L.A./Department of Neighborhood Empowerment


Update from Robin -- ELECTION DAY!  And I am Grateful!

One of the things I’m most grateful for is the Coastal Act state law, mandated by California voters to preserve and protect our precious and beautiful coast of California.  

I am so honored and grateful to have received endorsements from two of my heroes of the Coastal Commission!

Sara Wan, Former Coastal Commission Chair!  You can read it on our Endorsements page.

Charles Lester, Former Executive Director of the California Coastal Commission.  

Dr. Lester has set a pristine example of dedication to preserving the California Coast and is the foremost authority on the Coastal Act.

Also, I continue to be thrilled about the all-important endorsement from the Los Angeles Daily News, which you can read on our Endorsements page.

Thank you to all of our supporters who attended our Candidate Forum at Windward School last Monday. I truly enjoyed the opportunity to share our message and vision in that format for the second time. We are all grateful to WRAC for their hard work in organizing and streaming the event. If you missed the Candidate Forum, you can view it here: Forum.

I’m also extremely grateful for your donations of time as well as money towards the campaign!

Last but definitely not least, I’m so grateful to make new friends and to listen to concerns and share solutions as the communities of CD-11 come together to tackle our most important issues: illegal and unethical development, unacceptable increasing gridlock/traffic congestion, increasing homelessness, unacceptable service levels for our city services and a general lack of accountability. As we all work together and continue to connect our communities in this way, we all win as we are better able to leverage our voice and find the BEST solutions!

I’m honored and humbled by your support and wonderful words of encouragement, and by your belief that I can best represent you in addressing our districts ’s very serious issues. With your help in the voting booth tomorrow, I will have the opportunity to make the BEST changes for our district, while at the same time promoting the BEST that we already have to offer!

For the Love of Los Angeles 
and our precious Coast,
Robin Rudisill


Watch for our pop-up appearances throughout CD-11 today and Tuesday!




Sunday February 5, 2017

As we enter the last 30 days leading up to the March 7th election, we must make significant efforts towards victory every single day! I'll be providing you daily updates here on my website. I welcome any and all feedback, and all volunteers for helping with the campaign at:

Today we're 21 days out from election day and the path to victory becomes more clear every day!

Yesterday, I joined community members at the Westminster Elementary School to prep and paint classroom doors for this awesome neighborhood public school. I met the Principal and many of the parent leaders at the school and was VERY impressed--our kids are in great hands! From there I went straight to one of many "Yes on S" campaign celebrations, this one over on Rose at local business "Big Red Sun Boutique" (this store is a must see and I loved everything in it!). I was thrilled to finally meet Michael Weinstein, the amazing man behind the extremely important Neighborhood Integrity Initiative (Measure S), which is shedding light where it badly needs to be shed and offering an excellent city-wide solution to our City's serious planning and ethics breakdown. You can read his story about why his organization launched Measure S at:

Jill Stewart spoke about the importance of Measure S and shared more information on the tactics of the opponents. They are so desperate to hold on to the unacceptable practices they've been so significantly benefitting from! She is always incredibly articulate, passionate, and inspiring--a true hero to all Angelenos! I hope you all have the opportunity to hear her speak and know of her true GREATNESS in fighting City Hall. I also enjoyed talking with Zach, the new West L.A. "Yes on S" office manager, as well as meeting Dick Platkin, who has innumerable "must read" articles in Citywatch and elsewhere, on topics important to us such as Measure S, the McMansions fight, City Hall's efforts to circumvent CEQA in spite of L.A. having some of the worst traffic congestion and air pollution in the entire country, and much more:

I also met Shelley Wagers from CD-5, an extraordinarily talented woman who is very effectively doing important work on behalf of citizens and neighborhoods on the city's Mansionization ordinances. Below is her message. PLEASE EMAIL ME AT if you would like to have all of the details of her message and I will email it to you.

"Sometime in the next few weeks, the City Council will adopt amendments to the flawed citywide mansionization ordinances (BMO and BHO), and we need all hands on deck.  I’m asking each of you to talk to your Council office before that vote. As they stand, the amendments make real improvements on the current ordinance.  But one last loophole remains – they still don’t fully count attached garages as floor space. This is the single most damaging feature of the ordinance.  Attached garages add hundreds of square feet of bloat, do away with driveways that put a buffer between houses, and disrupt the look and feel of many LA neighborhoods. We’re not asking for a ban on attached garages -- we’re even shrugging off the exemption for garages attached at the back of the house.  But we are asking that garages attached at the front count as part of the house. Mansionization is part of a bigger picture.  Across the city, all kinds of people are pushing back against all kinds of reckless development.  Amendments to the BMO and BHO are the tip of the spear, and demanding sensible limits on home size helps set the tone for many of the fights that follow."

Apparently Councilmember Bonin and his planning staff are not in favor of closing the loophole for attached garages. I strongly recommend that you let them know that (1) you want to know very clearly where they stand, (2) you want to stop mansionization, (3) you want the city to close the last serious loophole in the mansionization ordinance.

And lastly, I strongly suggest that you attend this Westside "Measure S Town Hall" so that you can learn more about it and ask any questions you may have. We're getting lots of mailers from the opponents and they are full of lies. We've checked, and they have even lied and misled many of the organizations listed as sponsors in their campaign materials.

Westchester Town Hall: Measure S--Neighborhood Integrity Initiative

Thursday, February 09, 2017 at 06:30 PM
Westchester High School in Los Angeles

You can also invite me to talk with your neighborhood group or business as I can answer your questions and explain how and why the opponents of Measure S are lying in all of their campaign literature. But meanwhile you can get a good feel for it here:


Please take the time to join me to #DemandIntegrity by urging your friends and business associates to donate to the campaign so that we can afford to keep getting the word out!

For the Love of Los Angeles
and our precious Coast, Robin