My fellow Angelenos,

I'm a long-time community and coastal advocate, a businesswoman, and a mother of three successful young women. I want to serve my family and local community, Council District 11, the entire City of Los Angeles, and you as a member of the Los Angeles City Council.   

I bring political and personal experience to the job, as well as compassion for the needs of my fellow Angelenos. Most importantly, I bring integrity – something that today’s political environment sorely lacks.  

A vote for me is a message to Los Angeles, to California, and to the entire nation that we demand nothing less than integrity and accountability from our Public Officials. Mine is a vote you can rely on.

Unlike other candidates, I have both the political and real world experience to handle a City Council Member’s extensive and demanding workload. From 2014-2016, I served as Venice Neighborhood Council Board Member and Chair of the Land Use & Planning Committee, handling hundreds of land use cases and working on significant land use policy issues. Between that position and my ten-plus years of coastal advocacy, I have witnessed first hand the relentless efforts of self-interested developers hoping to benefit from the favor of our local politicians.

I have worked tirelessly to defend my neighbors from these forces and we have won many victories; however, too often I have watched in frustration and disbelief as city politicians undermine our grassroots efforts to protect our neighborhoods and communities. I refuse to sit idly by while the powerful and privileged abuse their influence. I stand up for my fellow citizens and our values, and I always have. 

As a college student in the 1970's, I was elected to the office of Vice President of the Student Body of San Francisco State University, on a platform that promised to CARE about, bring together, and defend the rights and dignity of all students, particularly minorities and the LGBT community. I cared. I delivered. 

I also have significant personal experience with L.A. planning, zoning, and land use issues, as well as state Coastal requirements. I've managed projects involving my own property and have made myself available to support members of my community when someone is being bullied by unethical developers or is the brunt of misguided and oppressive City actions. 

I naturally fell into the role of watchdog, whistle-blower, and problem-solver, and protector for my community; I played the same role as a former senior banker, CFO/Controller, and auditor for a public accounting firm. I have experience dealing with large bureaucracies, working in a regulatory environment, making large-scale system and process changes, and solving complex, frequently inter-agency problems. I was known as a fighter for my staff and as an executive who very successfully fought against the bureaucracy, the establishment. I also have significant international experience, having served several years as EVP of Finance for Bank of America's Global Corporate and Investment Bank.

I am not a political insider. I am not a career politician. I owe no favors to special interests, and I serve all Angelenos. I can recommend substantial improvements to the way Los Angeles is governed. For a government that truly is for the people, I humbly ask that you put your trust in me as your City Council representative for Council District 11.

For the love of Los Angeles, 








Chair of Venice Land Use & Planning Committee and Venice Neighborhood Council Board Member (2014-2016)

Advocate for the protection of the California Coast (2004-2017) 

Finance & Banking, Expert Witness/Litigation Consultant; Music Business Manager (2000-2017)

EVP & Director of Finance, CFO, Treasurer, Controller, Bank of America (1985-2000)

Treasurer & Board Member, Soroptimist International Founder Region (1993-1995)

Board Member & Treasurer, Junior Achievement of Hawaii (1989-1993)

Auditor, CPA, Compliance Officer, Public Accounting, Controller, Hitachi Europe (1979-1985) 

B.A. in Business/Accounting, S.F. State University, Summa Cum Laude, VP Student Body (1976-1979)