•  As Chair of the Venice Neighborhood Council's (VNC) Land Use & Planning Committee (LUPC), I:
    • Worked to restore the Public Trust,
    • Educated and empowered Community members,
    • Significantly increased transparency for land use cases,
    • Acted as a “watchdog” in uncovering numerous irregularities for both individual projects and major land use policy issues,
    • Worked to improve processes and tighten controls in order to mitigate harm to our neighborhoods.


  •  As a member of the Venice Neighborhood Council's Neighborhood Committee for over six years, I:
    • Worked with L.A. County Supervisor, L.A. City and Coastal Commission Staff to save approximately 30 parking spaces from being eliminated during the 2013 Washington Beach parking lot maintenance project in order to protect Coastal Access and to protect the community as per the Coastal Act.
    • Worked on the VNC Task Force for Fences & Hedges.
    • Worked on the VNC Task Force for Abbot Kinney parking, First Fridays, and food trucks.
    • Coordinated group of residents in achieving significant changes and protections for the residents in an EIR (Environmental Impact Report) done by a local water company under the state CEQA law.
    • Worked with neighbors to provide community input to a local bar’s “cabaret permit,” including testifying at Police Commission Hearings. Achieved important conditions.
    • Regular contributor to prior Council District 11’s Ocean Front Walk Task Force.
    • Worked together with LAPD Community Lead Officer and the Council Office on numerous Community efforts related to crime, Conditional Alcoholic Beverage Use Permits (CUB’s), and related to infrastructure issues such as inadequate storm drainage.
    • Helped lead community task force for Education & Awareness effort re. short-term rentals (STR's). 
    • Co-leader of the Disaster Preparedness ad hoc Committee and Public Safety Committee:
      • Created many awareness/education brochures and other informational documents,
      • Organized Town Halls and produced a "Venice Be Ready Expo" on emergency preparedness.
      • Instrumental in getting evacuation signs for the coastal area.

           SpeedwayFlooding-300x225.jpg                RobinDrainGrate.jpg

            Speedway flooding before Robin's efforts.                       Storm drains installed after Robin's efforts.